The central thrust of DEVTEC’s acivities is to mobilize the resources of National and International institutions to assist in establishing and developing capacity building and governance systems in developing countries.

The Consultants commitment

Devtec is committed to the improvement of sector wide reform and will provide technical inputs into the project, as well as forming systemic links with the significant stakeholders in Nepal.

Our Consultant database

Devtec assembles teams with the required and appropriate technical experience from its extensive consultant database which includes academics, researchers, practitioners and technical specialists.

Source of technical expertise

With our depth of experience and extensive network, expertise relevant to a particular project is drawn together from several sources such as:

  • Devtec’s own project management experience
  • the disciplinary expertise and work experience of international academics and practitioners who have worked in capacity building and governance projects in the various sector around the world
  • the private sector in national and overseas.

Our Corporate knowledge

Devtec has extensive corporate knowledge of all facets of capacity building and governance including planning, policy making and implementation in both national and development contexts

Strategic Alliance

Devtec enters into strategic alliances to deliver complex projects to ensure that our clients are guaranteed the best team of specialists for their particular needs.