We support our clients through independent analysis, research, and competent consulting to shape their response to the challenges of sustainable development.

Working in Partnership

DEVTEC’s approach is based on strong partnerships both within our team, and more importantly between team members and stakeholders. Our team will bring an integrated, cohesive, and sustainable set of solutions to the complex problems of the various sectors ensuring that the objectives of this project are met effectively by building a long-term relationship with you.

Our service will be responsive to the clients needs, and pro-active by:

  • maintaining a uniform and collaborative approach to the range of challenges
  • working in close consultation with clients to achieve the clients outcomes
  • implementing reforms and priority expenditures within a hard budget constraint
  • working with clients to anticipate and manage risk
  • ensuring that appropriate methodologies are utilised in implementing activities
  • appropriately advising on policy development, decision-making and administrative processes
  • providing you a team of experienced project personnel and the required project support services being mindful of the issues of ownership, equality, accountability and efficiency.

Deep understanding of governments and the clients processes

Including an understanding of how change management can be introduced effectively to ensure ownership and commitment on the part of the agencies introducing the changes.

Emphasis on capacity building at the local level:

From the outset, DEVTEC’s aim has been to work closely with counterpart personnel to determine their real needs, and to assess the best, and most cost-effective ways of meeting them. DEVTEC has always placed a strong emphasis on staff development.