We work in partnership with our clients and selected associates to design and implement projects that emphasize local ownership.

Understanding project context

The experience of the Consultant in a range of countries over many years has demonstrated the importance of approaching and managing each project in its own context.

Understanding real needs

The Consultant works closely with counterpart personnel to determine the real needs in the field to assess the best and most cost-effective ways of meeting them.

Focus on institutional strengthening

DEVTEC, the company targets national and international development projects, customised training and fellowship programs that strengthen institutions and systems.

Emphasis on human resource development

The Consultant’s approach to institutional development and capacity building has always been to emphasise human resource development. Experience has shown that human resource development can be achieved in a number of ways that depend on many factors including: age, qualifications and background experience of the individuals concerned.

Ensuring skills transfer

DEVTEC ensures the transfer of skills and knowledge to national personnel so that they are able to plan, implement and manage these programs with minimal dependence on external assistance.

Specialist project management group

The group manages a diverse range of projects and training initiatives to strengthen institutions and systems in developing countries.

The Consultant’s thorough understanding of the project cycle

The company has developed a world-class reputation for the quality of its work and international project management through its capacity to deliver quality services in.

  • institutional strengthening and capacity building
  • monitoring and evaluation
  • provision of quality technical assistance
  • planning
  • technology transfer
  • research
  • design
  • procurement

Appropriate personnel

Projects are staffed by appropriate personnel selected for their expertise, cultural sensitivity and experience in change methodologies.

The successful implementation of challenging governance and capacity building projects has been based on DEVTC’s ability to effectively manage multi-disciplinary teams of consultants.

Lessons learned and local knowledge

We examine lessons learned from previous experience and consider how they might be applied to each project. We give particular importance to the incorporation of local knowledge and experience into all our activities and consider them to be central to practical planning.