Project duration: February 1990 – March 1990.

HMGN, Ministry of Water Resources, Ground Water Resource Development Project also supported by UNDP/World Bank had established its branch offices in different districts of Nepal to facilitate the local people with command water resources for agriculture and other day-to-day activities.

To update and document the existing water tables and location the aquifer investigation survey was carried out. The elevation information and description of Bench Marks covering the districts for this survey were collected from Department of Survey, Geodetic Survey Branch. Elevation of the top and bottom of the Tubewells and relating Bench Marks references were carefully observed and documented in the field and computerised. The sketches showing location, co-ordinating with available references such as school building, tree, pounds etc. of each wells TW were plugged in the political district map.

Necessary precaution were adopted to minimise the possible errors, such as instrumental, personal and errors due to natural sources.

In Jhapa district a total of 42 sites were surveyed in which  21 UN Tubewells, 13 Deep Tubewells and 8 Farmers Tubewells.