Project duration: March 1991 – April 1991.

Ground Water Resource Development Program was established by HMG/N to provide and facilitate the rural population with sustainable ground water resources to be used primary in agricultural activities and secondary in domestic purpose managed and operated by the local people.  The system were provided by the government free of cost but the communities were responsible for construction, operation and maintenance. DEVTEC was assigned to prepare an evaluation and assessment reports of each dugwell, shallow tube -well, deep tubewells. The major information collected relates to technical and social environement of the study area such as observation survey of top and bottom water table, discharge, structure analysis, nos. of population and area served, social and anthropological structure and institutional establishment.  The location map of each system was also clearly prepared for easy identification.

The elevation information and description of bench marks and crossing of each area were collected from Geodetic Survey Branch Office of HMG/N.

All those information and data were analysed, computed and presented in a report form.

Shallow Aquifer Investigation Project/ GWRDP