Project duration: November 1995 – June 1999.

The Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Project (RMRP) is part of the World Bank/IDA funded Fourth Highway Loan for Nepal. For the first time, methodologies were developed in Nepal using HDM III and Vehicle Operating Costs calibrated for local conditions combined with a comprehensive analysis of existing pavements.  Highlights of the Project include:  • Supervision of construction of the pavement rehabilitation and slope stabilisation for approximately 211 km of main highways around the kingdom. Pavement types include Asphalt overlays and surface dressing on granular base pavement.  Contractors are selected using the ICB and LCB procurement guidelines using the Bank’s SBD model documents using FIDIC – 4 version. • Design of slope stabilisation and hazard management measures in fragile mountain slope. • Design and economic appraisal of feeder roads, pavement rehabilitation including bridge replacement. • Advisory services to the client for other projects being implemented with domestic consultants and contractors. 1. Thankot – Naubise 16 km 4. Butwal – Tansen   41 km 2. Chaudhar -Gaddachowki -12 km  5. Naubise – Simbhanjyang – 55 km 3. Marshyangdi -Khaireni Tar –  44 km 6. Simbhanjyang -Bhainse – 42 km and DESIGN, ECONOMIC APPRAISAL AND ADVISORY SERVICES Birgunj-Kalaiya. Approx. 12 km