Project duration: January 1998 – October 1998.

This Project was confined principally to the distribution sector of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) and covers a broad range of activities focused principally in the area of evaluation of non-technical losses. Non-technical losses are generally caused by a failure of employees and customers to follow established rules and procedures, or in some cases, the existing rules and procedures are inadequate.  NRECA in association with Devtec assisted NEA in the development of action plans and program to reduce.

Devtec has provided six experts comprising one local Project Advisor, Project Co-ordinator, three electrical engineers and one legal expert.  This team of experts worked with the expatriate experts in their respective fields.  This project was being performed under the leadership of four loss-reduction specialists provided by NRECA supported by six engineering and other specialists provided by Devtec, and in cooperation with the Loss Reduction Project of the NEA