Project duration: September 1985 – October 1994. 

The Kohalpur-Mahakali Highway Project is located in the Mid Western and Far Western Development Regions of Nepal.  The highway runs approximately east to west and lies wholly in the southern plains area of Nepal known as the Terai.  It was the last section of the East-West Highway to be constructed. The East-West highway runs along entire length of the country and forms the backbone of the present road system in Nepal.

The project was divided into four contracts totaling 204 km in length. The road has 6.0 m wide bituminous topped carriageway with 0.75 m primed shoulders on each side. The embankment fill comes primarily from side borrow. There are 30 reinforced concrete bridges constructed under the project.  Seventeen of these bridges are pre-stressed, post-tensioned I beam bridges.  Included in the consulting services was the design for replacement of floodways with bridges.