Project duration: October 1980 – June 1983. (Devtec Nepal joined this project since January 1983)

In 1976 the National Construction Company of Nepal (NCCN) was awarded a contract with a value of about $6 million U.S. to construct a 37km section of the Hetauda to Narayangarh Highway project. This highway is part of the Mahendra Rajmarg (East-West) Highway which forms the backbone of the road system in Nepal and is being upgraded to an all–weather two-lane paved road with partial funding from the Asian Development Bank. Four years later the NCCN was experiencing serious difficulties, having completed less than forty percentage of their contract (which was to have been completed in 27 months). At this point Lea Associates were retained to prove a two-man team to assist the NCCN on-site management team.

Considerable problems existed in improving construction output. These include shortages of operating funds, lack of supplies and labor, low staff morale, equipments in poor conditions, and long delays in obtaining spare parts and new equipment. The problems were highlighted by the fact that 50 percent of the equipment was unserviceable and a further 40 percentage was only kept operational by patching, mending and cannibalizing other vehicles. The average time to compile a spare parts list to delivery on site was about 7 to 10 months by air and 9 to 12 months by sea.

Significant improvements were made after appointments of the Consultant’s team, and although many problems remained, mainly financial and procedural, the project was finished in the middle of 1983 to an excellent standard.