Project duration: May 1992 – July 1992.

Declaration of UN for Women as “Intergation of Women in Development a Equal partner with Man” was the due realization to assess and promote women’s participation and their role in the development.

The planners and policy makers particularly during sixth Five year Plan ( 1980-1985) emphasized the need of integrating women in rural development process. In continuation to this objectives, the seventh Five years Plan (1985-91) recognized the necessity for full participation of Women in overall economic development.

The Karnali-Bheri Integrated Rural Development (K-BIRD) Project sponsored by CIDA, implemented from 1980/81 had its comprehensive program for women development activities in project area from its second phase. The objectives of the study is two fold; firstly, to review and document the program and secondly, to assess the impact of the program with emphasis on its design, use, organizational and managerial procedures and constrain.