Project duration: July 1992 – April 1993.

A study was carried out to determine the technical and economic feasibility of replacing 6 already constructed, and 8 proposed floodways structures on the Kohalpur – Mahakali Highway with bridges. The study of both technical and economic factors favored the construction of bridges instead of floodways and the replacement of the existing, severely damage, floodways with bridges.

The bridges were designed as cast-in-place reinforced and post-tensioned concrete superstructures supported on reinforced concrete piers and abutments. Due to high potential for severe scour at the piers and abutment foundations, all sub-structure elements were supported on precast concrete piles.

The bridges accommodations two lanes of traffic and are designed for HS-20 live loading in accordance with the AASHTO Bridge Design Code. Varying in length from 20m to 300m, the bridges consisted of mainly 30m span which was determined to be the optimum span length utilizing regional available technology and constructions practice.

For optimum efficiency and economy the bridges were designed and detailed to permit the maximum re-use of formwork for the main bridge girders, the bridge deck, and sub-structure elements.