Project duration: January 1996 – August 1996. 

All 75 districts, 14 zonal, and 5 regional maps had been digitized through AUTOCAD software so that the various features of the planning maps could be geo-coded to link with the primary as well as the secondary data and information through an use of GIS (ARC/INFO) software. In this context, DEVTEC/IRAD conducted the digitization work with various features such as rivers and streams, road network with surface types, houses, and name of places, VDC location, and the location of various infrastructures. DEVTEC/IRAD digitized in AUTOCAD software so that the DXF files could be converted into ARC/INFO GIS software by providing a link with various data with the geographical features of the maps digitized by the Consultant in the course of the study.

Apart from this, some specific software had been also developed so that the road data at various levels such district, zone, region, and the nation could be processed to generate the various tables, charts required for preparing the final document of Nepal Road Statistics (NRS).  A separate training course was also designed to conduct a training course on the various aspects mentioned above.