Project duration: October 1997 – March 1998.

Due to the haphazardly expanded cities of country it was necessary for planning city to meet the technical as well as the managerial capability of Municipality by providing basic infrastructures such as maps, charts, and database. The survey work involving the Department of Survey (DOS) and Devtec Nepal P.. Ltd. (DEVTEC) was conducted in order to get maps of city area and household survey was conducted to get the databases. The survey was conducted by two teams each comprising of a Survey Officer and two Surveyors involving various survey equipments. Senior Officers from Topographical Survey Department and DEVTEC coordinated and monitored the entire field works. The overall outcome of the project resulted the topographical maps and database for proper planning of city.

On the basis of survey for topographical as well as household, maps were plotted in CAD System and data was analyzed to find the linkage of data with maps.