Project duration: February 1997 – December 1997.

After the design of access road to Chameliya Hydroelectric Project, NEPECON/DEVTEC also assigned to conduct Preliminary investigation, site selection, hydrological analysis, detailed Survey, design and preparation of Standard Bidding document. The major bridges to be surveyed and designed are Agari Gad, Ghatte Gad, Chameliya at Karkale, Binni Gad, Sirad Gad, Chameliya at Balanch, Galli Gad, and Gandi Gad. The tasks of this project were Site Investigation of each site and their hydrological analysis, detail topographical survey of each bridge sites as per the requirement of TOR, Design and drawings of all the bridges, Cost Estimation, Preparation of standard bidding document etc.  The coverage of survey was about 500 m upstream, 200 m downstream and 200 m from the banks of either sides of the river at the proposed sites.      Flood lines, cross-section lines, benchmarks, were established in the survey. Depending upon the nature of site Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) brides were designed except the bridge over Chameliya Gad at Karkale. For the bridge of Chameliya at Karkale was designed as steel truss type