Project Duration: September 2000 – May 2004. 

-Systems supplied: Consumer Management and Billing

-Number of users supported: Depends upon Oracle Version

Brief description of technical environment: Oracle 7 / Developer 2000(Tripureswor and MahankalChour), Oracle 9i/Developer 2000 (Kamaladi)

Integrated centralized corporate, Computerized Billing/Revenue Accounting/ Consumer Management System. The system is designed to keep track of data related to the customer regarding water consumption and cash collection of each customer on the regional basis. Its main features are automatic billing of metered and no metered customers, online revenue collection of the Consumer, rebate & penalty calculation, maintaining consumer ledger, Account processing, maintaining the consumer information etc. This system is integrated with both the water billing system and gas billing system. There is provision of e-payment Integration, palm devices Integration, GIS Integration. It is designed for total number of consumers of NWSC.