Project duration: February 1990 – August 1991.

The overall goal of the Karnali-Bheri Integrated Rural Development Project (K-BIRD) was to increase and enhance self-initiated and sustainable economic, environmental and social improvements in the project area. K-BIRD’s stated purpose was to assist HMG/Nepal in accelerating the rate of implementation of the integrated rural development strategy in the project area. The total project budget provided for in the MOU-POP was $ 23.8 mil.

The objectives of the study was to assess the (present) situation and impacts of K-BIRD project in the project area

– to assess the project in terms of it’s goal as stipulated by the designers, the condition of the project area at the time of inception and the current situation,
– to identify the critical issues and problems faced during implementation and lessons learnt.
– suggest recommendations.

The area covered by the study are (1) Institutions Building (2) Economic Activities (3) Social Well-being.