Project duration: December 1988 – June 1989.

The overall objective of this study is to analyses the food production and self-sufficiency situation in Jumla District and to examine the possibilities of reducing the food deficit in future including ways and means of deficit management. More specifically the objectives of the study were:

– to identify the food deficit VDCs of Jumla District including the level and period of food deficiency,
– to assess the impact of the present situation of food grain production situation in the light of existing potential for and constraints to increase food grain production in Jumla District, by VDCs and thereby make projection of food grain production for the year 2000 A.D.,
– to estimate the likely food situation (deficit/surplus/balance) in Jumla District by VDCs by 2000 A.D., and
– to recommend necessary measure required to tap the potential for increasing food grain production and alternative ways of managing the deficit.