Project Duration: Jan 2007 – Aug 2007. 

Detailed Engineering Design and Preparation of Bidding Documents: Subject to approval to proceed with the Sub-Project being given by the ADB and the BRR (EA) based on the SPAR, the PPC shall collaborate with the IA in the preparation of full detailed engineering designs and contract documentation for the proposed sub-projects; including technical specifications and engineering drawings, bills of quantities, detailed cost estimates, and prequalification and tender/bidding documents.

Preparation of Contract Packages and Expediting of Works: The PPC shall assist the IA in preparation of contract packages that will expedite implementation of civil works whilst complying with the requirements of the ETESP Grant Agreement and GOI procurement guidelines. Procurement procedures shall include where appropriate the use of Limited Local Competitive Bidding [LLCB] contracts, a fast track procedure permitted under ETESP for small scale urgent works.