Project Duration: December 2008 – January 2010. 

The TA will support the Government’s initiatives in strengthening the institutional capacity of anticorruption institutions, thereby improving their ability to fulfill their statutory mandates. The intended impact is the enhancement of good governance through stronger action against corruption in the public sector, as well as greater accountability and transparency in government operations and service delivery. The goal of the TA is to reduce corruption and improve governance in Nepal, thereby contributing to economic growth, poverty reduction, and better development outcomes in the country.

This advisory technical assistance (TA) project forms part of ADB’s efforts to assist the Government of Nepal (the Government) in fighting corruption by enhancing the capacity of anticorruption institutions and improving their ability to fulfill their statutory mandates. Recent ADB assistance in the governance area includes the Governance Reform Program (GRP), which supported the enactment of three pieces of anticorruption legislation6 and the establishment of the National Vigilance Centre (NVC). In addition, a TA project supported the strengthening of the technical audit capacity of NVC to enable it to undertake effective audits of government infrastructure projects. This TA effectively complements the work in the GRP, as well as planned support under the Governance Reforms and Decentralization Cluster Program I. After reviewing the TA proposal, the Government has concurred with the project impact, outcome, outputs, implementation arrangements, cost, financing arrangements, and terms of reference.