Project Duration: January 2016 – July 2017

As part of the Teacher Education Development (TED) Plan, the Need-based Sub-cluster Training will be replicated nationwide in phases all over the country and eventually the old Sub-cluster Training will be replaced by the new Need-based Sub-cluster Training. During this replication period, similar model of mentoring and monitoring support will be adopted by DPE to ensure the quality of implementation of the program. This type of new, decentralized and bottom up academic program needs support through supervision, mentoring and networking to make the local level implementers confident to work. An extra alertness, zeal, interest, ownership of field level- clientele group might help the implementation of the program. The firm will examine and assess the piloting implementation of Need-based Sub cluster training and its JICA model of Monitoring and Mentoring activities for further replication in the mainstream program in DPE

Supporting the field officers and head teachers in implementing Need-based Sub Cluster Training in 30 districts through monitoring and mentoring their activities.

Acquaint the field officers and head teachers with the new training modalities as a cadre of facilitators to scale up.

Reviewing the current modality of Need-based Sub-Cluster Training and all the existing manuals and guidelines and making recommendations to further improve them, and

Developing a future work plan for the post PEDP3’s period in order to institutionalize the new training modality firmly.