Project duration: December 1976 – 1986. (Devtec Nepal joined this project since January 1983)

Airfield Pavements:
Completed consulting services were provided for the rehabilitation of existing runway, taxiway and aircraft apron pavements and other ancillary works. The services covered all aspects of the works including initial site investigations, detailed design, tender evaluation and supervision of construction. There services were part of the overall redevelopment of the airport.

The aircraft pavements consisted of 3500m long by 50 m wide main runway, a 1600 m long by 23m parallel taxiway, other connecting taxiways, and both international and domestic aircraft parking aprons. Extensive investigations of the existing pavement were made, as well as recommendations for the repair, rehabilitation and strengthening of the pavements for utilization by a variety of aircraft including A-300, DC – 10 and B – 747.

The early stages of the work including traffic forecasting, site investigations and analysis of air and ground traffic patterns and development of a master plan for the year 1990.

Space programmes, detailed design, work drawings, bill of quantities and specifications were prepared for development of the complex in six contract packages. The facilities included:

– Civil works including earthworks, roads, drainages, services and security system
– International passenger terminal, gross floor area 8000 sq. meter, to handle 460 passengers per hours
– Domestic passenger terminal, gross floor are 2500 sq. meter, handle 375 passengers per hours
– Operation/airlines complex including control tower, gross floor area 3800 sq. meter
– Customs/cargo building, gross floor area 2100 sq. meter
– Crash, fire and rescue station, gross floor 1700 sq. meter
– Ancillary building including main electrical substation and security posts
– Ground transport facilities: access roads, parking, signing and landscaping

The consortium assisted the government in all aspect of prequalification of contractors, tender procedures, tender evaluation, award of contracts and preparation of contract document, and was subsequently appointed the Engineer to supervise construction of the first stage which included all the civil works and the major buildings