Project Duration: March 2004 – September 2004.

Number of users supported: Depends upon Oracle Version

-Technical environment: Oracle 8i on Windows Advance Server 2000

Secured Business Solution is designed to keep track of the Recycle gas cylinders (Medical, Industrial, etc.) circulated between HOX and its consumers and other Non-recycle items involved during the transactions. It also keeps track about the ownership of the gas cylinders among the Factory, Gas Sales Division, Branches, Depos and Consumers. SBS includes Simple inventory and billing system. It keeps track of all information including the daily production of gas, filling and dispatch of full cylinders and receipt of empty cylinders to and from the consumers. It also maintains records of billing, the inventory of items, consumers and supplier’s ledger, thus enabling the management to view all up to date detail information instantly. There is provision of e-payment Integration, palm devices Integration, GIS Integration. The system handles more than 10,000 consumers up to now. The ratio of increment in consumer yearly is 3000.