Project Duration: April 2013 – December 2017. 

Samarth –NMDP is the first programme to apply the making market work for poor approach in Nepal. Devtec is an implementing partner for the sub sector “Fish”. The project intervenes on the underlying causes in the performance of market systems to bring about more competitive and sustainable markets that work better for the poor.  The poor  as defined by Samarth-NMDP is those farmers and small scale entrepreneurs living on less than US$ 2.50 a day. Samarth-NMDP works across Nepal to improve the pro-poor performance of rural sectors, leading to increased incomes for 300,000 smallholder farmers and small-scale entrepreneurs.

Currently the project intervention strategy is focused on fish feed and seed. The project has chosen two private sector partners to work with. Based on the initial research undertaken in the sub sector, Samarth-NMDP has prioritized the feed and seed input supply system (use of low-quality fish seed and inappropriate feed) as the “first level’ cause which is most feasible to address to have the biggest impact on increased pond productivity. Appropriate stocking of quality fish seeds(fingerlings) and the proper use of improved feed can increase the productivity of pond by up to three fold. The results would bring about incremental incomes being shared between farmers and the suppliers of seed. These interventions would use these best practices to achieve outreach to about 8000 households over a two year period.