Project duration: February 1986 – June 1986.

The Rapti Area Development Project (367-0219) was implemented in 1980 following the agreement between the USAID/Nepal and His Majesty’s Government of Nepal (HMG/Nepal). The goal of the project was to assist HMG/Nepal for addressing basic needs of the majority of people in the zone, with special attention to the large section of people previously by-passed particularly in the Middle Hills. The purpose was to improve the quality of life of the rural populace through increased farm and off-farm production, increased income, improved nutrition level and health care and etc. The work was done in two phases. At first the firm prepared TENVDC wise resource inventories – Land Use Inventory, Irrigation Inventory, Socio-economic Inventory, Institutional Inventory and Development activity Inventory – by collecting information available at the central level during April – July 1986. They also prepared Resource Maps (1:25,000) of all the VDC in the Rapti Zone. Later, during February – September 1987 all these inventories were field verified including correction of Resource Maps.