Project Duration: November 2012 – December 2013. 

-Review the documents, reports and other relevant materials available in MEDEP and in elsewhere.

-Design detail employment and poverty analysis methodology and research work plan, including variables/indicators and sample size for household survey (representing gender, poverty status, and caste/ethnicity of micro-entrepreneurs, geographical locations, categories of micro-enterprises, etc), and finalize in consultation with MEDEP.

-Design checklist and questionnaire for focus group discussion, key informant interview, entrepreneurs’ survey and case studies collection, and finalize in consultation with MEDEP.

-Consult with wide range of partners in government, implementing partners and stakeholders, civil societies and the other organizations related to MEDEP at centre and district level as well.

-Conduct field survey and ensure that information collected is credible by triangulation and other various ways.

-Analyze data and information and prepare a draft report. Based on the findings and analysis, provide recommendations.

-Present the draft report in MEDEP and revise the report based on the feedback.

-Organize an interaction and sharing workshop with the relevant stakeholders

Submit the final report to MEDEP after incorporating the comments and suggestions by deadline.