Project Duration: 2 October, 2012 – 1 May, 2017.

– Identification of potential subprojects following subproject selection criteria, detailed design including review of preliminary design done by the PPTA consultant (for subprojects identified by PPTA team) and for the components identified by the CDIA study for the KfW subproject; environmental, socio-economic, geographic, hydrological, geotechnical, geodetic and other engineering surveys at sites; preparation of the technical specifications for the procurement of goods and works contracts;

-Preparation of Tender Documents including the prequalification documents, bid documents, criteria for assessment of Prequalification submissions and tender documents for all bidding packages of the project in compliance with ADB’s Procurement Guidelines and relevant rules of the government;

-Subprojects Implementation. Extensive supervision and monitoring of subproject implementation including construction supervision, monitoring of subproject progress and budget control. For this purpose, MDS consultancy services will engage approximately 575 person-months of support and supervising staff such as Junior Engineers and others for field work and other activities as anticipated to be required for facilitation in the Pourashavas, City Corporations and urban centers in addition to the indicative staff listed in the TOR.

-Establishment of a project performance monitoring system in line with the targets, indicators, assumptions, and risks described in the Design Monitoring Framework and Log Frame of the Project.

Output 1: Enhanced Capacity of Urban Infrastructures

Output 2: Improved Urban Planning

Output 3: Strengthened Municipal Management and Capacity

The impact of the project will be enhanced growth potential and environmental sustainability of the two city regions. The outcome will be improved urban environment and infrastructure services based on effective regional and urban planning