Project Duration: January 2016 – Ongoing. 

The main purpose of the Study in Phase 1 is to Explore Alternative Methods and Modalities to Deliver DPEd to all existing untrained teachers and training on competency based curriculum covering all primary teachers (including teachers who have C-in –Ed).

The study will analyze existing number of teachers (both untrained and newly recruited) who require DPEd and training courses, how existing 55 PTIs and upcoming 12 PTIs and Upazila Resource Centers can further be strengthened in terms of human resources and infrastructure to deliver DPEd and other training courses by utilizing their full capacity. The study will further examine other alternative methods of providing training e.g. online training, distance learning, engagement of other government institutions, non-government/private academic institutions and non-government organizations, assess their readiness, per capita investment for providing DPEd or other training, manageability of further public PTI construction, cost of training to be rationally charged by the private sector service providers (for example by existing private PTIs or education department of existing public or private universities), and feasibility of providing government fund under private-public partnership modalities of Socio-Economic Infrastructure Division of Planning Commission etc. Roles and responsibilities of, and interlinks between National Academy of Primary Education (NAPE) and Institute of Education and Research (IER) of Dhaka University in the expanded practice of providing DPEd is also to be looked into. A set of recommendations is also required for how to control quality of training in case of engagement of non-government and private sectors.